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Leitner GearBAG G2 & MyMedic Collab First Aid Kit

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Leitner GearBAG G2 & MyMedic Collab First Aid Kit


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The Leitner Designs & My Medic Collaboration First Aid Kit (FAK).  The GearBAG FAK is based on My Medic's industry leading "MyFAK Large PRO" kit and includes nearly identical components with an upgraded CAT Tourniquet & additional "Super Skin" bandages, 200+ items included. 

Leitner customers now have the luxury of knowing that they are prepared for emergencies with this industry vetted, advanced functionality First Aid Kit that ergonomically fits inside both the GearPOD & GearPOD XL.  We've demystified the laborious job of compiling a solid FAK of your own.

Once items become depleted in your GearBAG FAK you can merely go to and re-order all of your factory sealed items.

The GearBAG FAK includes the following items:

Compartment #1:

2 qty. Compressed Gauze
2 qty. Burn Mods
1 qty. 25' Paracord

Compartment #2:

1 qty. Bleed Stopper MedPack KIT
1 qty. CAT Tourniquet

Compartment #3:

2 qty. Small Cold Packs
1 qty. Flat Splint
2 qty. Gauze Mods
1 qty. Sprain and Fracture Mod

Compartment #4:

1 qty. Glucose 2 pack
3 qty. Space Blankets
1 qty. Light stick
2 qty. Blister Mod
2 qty. Medication Mods

Compartment #5:

2 qty. Treatment & Relief Mods
2 qty. Super Wash
2 qty. Superskin Assorted Bandages pack of 12
2 qty. CPR Shield

Compartment #6:

3 qty. Hydration Mods
2 qty. Clean and Prep Mods
2 qty. Mini Wound Closure Mods

Compartment #7:

1 qty. EMT Shears
2 qty. Zzips 2 Pack
3 qty. Gloves (Pair)
1 qty. Cloth Surgical Tape
1 qty. Tool Mod

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